The 1Zpresso K-Ultra can grind coffee between a range of 0 – 1400 microns.

The setting for this grinder is shown in three parts: Rotation, number and tick. For example, 1.3.2 would be read as 1 rotation, 3rd number, 2nd tick.

1Zpresso K-Ultra grind size chart

1Zpresso K-Ultra grind size chartRotations from zero00. PotPour OverSiphonFilter Coffee MachineFrench PressCuppingCold BrewCold DripSteep-and-release0200400600800100012001400μmExtra FineFineMedium FineMediumMedium CoarseCoarseExtra Coarse

1Zpresso K-Ultra grind size table

The table below displays our recommended micron ranges for each brew method and their corresponding settings for the 1Zpresso K-Ultra.

1Zpresso K-Ultra grind settings
Brew methodMinMaxMinMax
Turkish40 μm220 μm0.
Espresso180 μm380 μm0.
V60400 μm700 μm0.
Aeropress320 μm960 μm0.
Moka Pot360 μm660 μm0.
Pour Over410 μm930 μm0.
Siphon375 μm800 μm0.51.0.5
Filter Coffee Machine300 μm900 μm0.41.1.8
French Press690 μm1300 μm0.9.11.7
Cupping460 μm850 μm0.
Cold Brew800 μm1440 μm1.
Cold Drip820 μm1270 μm1.
Steep-and-release450 μm825 μm0.61.0.8

Where does this information come from?

For the past four years, we’ve gathered data on coffee grinders to develop our coffee grind size chart. The data for these charts comes from our research and the feedback we receive from coffee lovers.