How to use an Aeropress
A step by step illustrated guide

Aeropress is one of the easiest coffee brewing methods, and also one of the best.

This step-by-step guide is adapted from the original aeropress recipe. It makes a concentrated shot of coffee—much like an espresso.

Once you've followed all the steps you can add hot water or milk for the perfect cup of coffee.

  1. Gather together the plunger, chamber, and basket.

    The Aeropress comes with lots of parts, but these three are the only ones you need.

  2. Place the filter paper in the basket.

    Your aeropress comes with 350 filter papers. You can also buy a reusable metal mesh.

  3. Rinse filter paper with hot water. This step is optional.

    This step is optional but recommended. It removes loose paper particles to improve the taste.

  4. Screw the basket to the chamber.

  5. Place the Aeropress on top of a coffee cup or pouring vessel.

    The cup or vessel can be anything, so long as it's not fragile—you'll be putting a lot of force on it.

  6. Put one scoop of ground coffee in the chamber.
    Approx. 15g

    This measurement is for one person. If you're making coffee for two, simply double the amount of coffee and water.

  7. Pour hot water upto the ① mark.
    Aim for a temperature between 80 and 95 degrees celcius, but water you've just boiled is fine.

    Remember, this is a recipe for one person. Add water up to the ② mark for two people, ③ for three people, etc.

  8. Stir the water and grounds for 10 seconds. Make sure all the grounds are wet.

    The aeropress comes with a stirrer—but you can use any spoon, fork, knife, spork, or knoon.

  9. Place the plunger in the chamber.

  10. Slowly press the plunger all the way down with both hands.
    This should take 20–60 seconds. Be gentle.

    Take your time and let gravity do some of the work.

    The resulting coffee is a concentrate, much like an espresso.
  11. Add hot water or milk to your taste. Enjoy your coffee.