Our favourite coffee kit

Our favourite coffee products and where to find them. This is an ever growing list of the coffee stuff we use, love, and feel confident recommending.

Honest Coffee Guide is the side project of two people: Yoji and Nathaniel.

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Fellow EKG Precision Kettle

A black modern kettle with a dark wood handle and lid knob — sitting on a black rectangular base.

This kettle is my favourite thing in my kitchen. It’s a precision kettle made by Fellow — it allows you to boil water to a specific temperature — a function that on its own would make it a fantastic product, but combined with being beautiful and delightful to use, makes this easily my favourite thing.

I get a lot of joy whenever I use it knowing that it saves energy by not excessively heating the water.

In my home we use the kettle all the time for all kinds of things — like tea, cooking, and hot water bottles — so we opted for the classic spout. But if you’re primarily using this for pour-over coffee then you should definitely get the gooseneck version.

Rancillio Silvia Pro

A blocky steel espresso machine making an espresso into a coffee cup

Chosen by Nathaniel

I love this machine. It’s a big clunky hunk of metal and it makes great consistent espresso. Every morning I get up, switch it on, do some of my other morning routine while it heats up, then make myself a flat white and my partner a maccha latte. It’s my favourite part of my day-to-day.

It’s very expensive. I justified the purchase by calculating how much money I was spending on coffee during my morning routine and discovering that in 2 years it was easily more than the cost of this machine. Yikes.

Another justification for its price tag: it’s well made, physically relatively simple, and has a strong online community of tinkers and hackers who mess around and upgrade it. It’s reliable, and spare parts can easily be sourced.

In a world of proprietary ink cartridges and wifi-enabled water bottles — it’s refreshing to feel like you actually own a machine. I hope to own it forever.

Silvia Pro vs Silvia

The Silvia Pro is an upgrade from the popular Silvia model.

The Silvia Pro has two boilers (one for espresso and one for the milk steamer) while the Silvia has just one. The Pro is larger, has in-depth settings, and a display for tempurature and shot duration.

Silvia Pro X

Since getting this machine Rancillio has upgraded the Pro model — to the Silvia Pro X. The older Pro model is no longer availble.

I haven’t haven’t used the Pro X. I gather it’s essentially the same machine with some upgrades — like variable pre-infusion, and a pressure gauge. It also comes in a variety of colours, but is still availble in stainless steel.

ROK GrinderGC

A stainless steel coffee grinder with a large flat base and a long vertically aligned handle

Chosen by Nathaniel

ROK are perhaps more well known for their hand powered espresso machine — but they also have a brilliant hand grinder. It can grind consistently over a wide range. It’s powered using a vertical motion using a long arm - this is much more comfortable than the typical horizontal motion.

It looks and sounds great and is designed to be long lasting. If you’re not planning on grinding coffee while travelling, this could be the grinder you use forever.

Spoon by Maria Cabrera

A ceramic spoon with green glaze patches

Not strictly coffee related but we use this spoon for dosing tea. It’s so beautiful and I love using it. It was made by ceramisist Maria Cabrera in London.

Update: I've purchased a second larger spoon that matches the first one — it's large enough to scoop coffee beans.