Whole Bean vs Ground Coffee

There is only one difference between a cup of coffee made from freshly ground whole beans, and one made from pre-ground beans—flavor.

Freshly ground whole beans have more complex and rich flavors than pre-ground coffee. Fresh grounds also lack the papery taste of pre-ground.

This is because whole beans keep their freshness much longer than ground coffee.

Why do whole beans stay fresh?

The bean itself acts like a container for oils, moisture and carbon dioxide, preventing them from evaporating. These compounds are are essential for the overall flavor of the coffee.

These substances are so volatile, that 60% of the aroma is lost in the first 15 minutes after being ground.

Imagine how much flavor is lost in bags of coffee sitting on supermarket shelves—weeks after being grounded. 😫

So, why doesn't everyone use whole bean?

Whole beans would be a lot more popular without the downsides:

  • Grinding coffee is another step you’d have to add to your daily routine.
    Although it only takes a couple of minutes. Those precious minutes could be spent impressing the boss at your soul-destroying job.

  • It requires a coffee grinder of your own.
    A good one can be expensive, but the amazing coffee you’ll make every morning will be worth the purchase.

  • There’s also a little bit of a learning curve.
    You’ll need to learn to adjust the grind size depending on your brewing method, or your preference of coffee, or what type of coffee beans you’re using. You might botch the grind a few times as well, ending in bitter or sour coffee.

Ground Coffee, on the other hand, is easy:

  • The grinding has been done for you.
    All you have to do is measure the coffee. You begin everyday with a consistent brew.

  • There's more variety to choose from.
    Most coffee sold in stores will be pre-ground, so there tends to be a greater vareity of roasts to chooses from.

If you decide to use pre-ground coffee, make sure you buy it in weekly doses to make sure you have the freshest coffee possible.


Whole bean coffee gets you more pronounced flavours and a fresher tasting cup of coffee. It adds another layer of adjustability and experimentation to your process.

Pre-ground coffee is faster and easier, and allows for a consistent brew every day with a larger variety of coffee to choose from.

Modified — Sunday, 28 April 2019

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