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How to use a moka pot on an induction stove

How to tell if your moka pot is induction compatible

An induction friendly moka pot brewing on a stove.

What is an induction stove?

Induction stoves are often confused with standard electric stoves, but they are very different.

An induction stove or induction hob is an electric cooktop that uses a magnetic field to interact with the metal in pots and pans, generating heat in the process. Unlike traditional stovetops, which produce radiant heat through methods such as burning gas or creating resistance in a coil, the surface of an induction stove remains relatively cool. Only the cookware heats up.

Induction stoves are more energy-efficient, better for the environment, and faster than traditional hobs. One downside is that they work only with magnetic materials, such as iron and steel.

Can you use a moka pot on an induction stove?

Most moka pots cannot be used on an induction stove without an induction adaptor. Induction stoves use magnetism to create heat — and so require magnetic cookware to function. Most moka pots are made of aluminium (or aluminum), a non-magnetic metal, but some are made of steel and are compatible with induction stoves.

How to tell if your moka pot is induction stove compatible?

There's three easy ways to check if your moka pot will work on an induction stove:

  • Look for the induction symbol. Induction compatible cookware usually have a symbol on the underside showing four coiled wires.
  • Check if it's magnetic. If a magnet sticks to the base of the moka pot, then it will work on an induction hob.
  • Try to use it. If water doesn't boil in the lower chamber then it's most likely made of aluminium.

How to use a moka pot on an induction stove

If you want to use a moka pot on an induction stove there are two ways. Both unfortunately require some kit — either buying an induction adaptor for your moka pot or buying a new, induction compatible moka pot.

Using an induction adaptor

An induction adaptor lets you use non-magnetic cookware on an induction stove.

It's made of a magnetic material, so it heats up when placed on the stove. It then passes that heat onto whatever you put on top of it, like a moka pot.

The upside of this is you don't have to replace your moka pot — and you'll have an induction adaptor that might come in handy for other things.

Product recommendation

Bialetti Induction Stove Adaptor

This is the official bialetti induction adaptor — designed to be functionally and visually compatible with the Moka Express.

*If you make a purchase through these affiliate links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

A stainless steel plate with a black thermoplastic handle. The plate has the Bialetti logo on it — the man with the moustache.
Image: Amazon

Getting an induction friendly moka pot

Bialetti and Alessi both offer induction-friendly versions of their Moka pots. These models are also compatible with non-induction stoves, but they will take a little longer to brew.

The advantage of acquiring a new Moka pot, rather than an induction adapter, is that you will have less clutter in your kitchen — and you can give your old Moka pot to a friend.

If you choose this option, we recommend the Moka Express Induction. It is the standard Bialetti induction model and shares the same readily available replacement parts as the non-induction model.

Our recommendation

Alessi 9090 Moka Pot

An almost perfect moka pot. If you're happy to sacrifice a little usability and willing to pay a premium, this is the moka pot for you.

*If you make a purchase through these affiliate links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

A shiney steel moka pot over a blue stove top flame.
Image: Honest Coffee Guide

Can you use a Bialetti on an induction hob?

Bialetti — the most popular brand of moka pots — makes some models for use with induction.

Their most iconic model of moka pot, the Moka Express, needs an induction adaptor to work.

Information on which Bialetti Moka pots are induction-friendly can be hard to find, so we have created this chart to simplify things:

A chart displaying sixteen bialetti moka pots and whether they can be used with an induction stove

What temperature should you set an induction hob for a moka pot?

For a Moka pot, set your induction stove to a medium temperature, the same as a gas hob or any other type of hob. Without a temperature probe, it is difficult to set an exact temperature on any hob due to numerous variables. But a medium heat setting will work just fine.

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