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Moka pot gasket size finder

Quickly find the right seal for your stove top espresso maker

Use this tool to find the correct gasket for your Bialetti, Alessi, or Grosche moka pot

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Why we built the moka pot gasket size finder

While researching moka pots, we found that major brands like Bialetti and Alessi offer very little information about which gasket sizes fit which models.

A moka pot can last decades — but the gasket needs regular replacement.

We feared that people might be replacing perfectly good moka pots instead of buying new gaskets — because gasket size information is hard to find.

This tool exists to prevent landfill — and to save people hassle.

Where does the data for this tool come from?

The data for this tool come from scouring the Internet Archive, manufacturers’ websites, and manuals for moka pots. It was difficult to find, and not all the data is available.

There are a lot of moka pot brands — and life is short. So for now we’ve limited our research to moka pots by Bialetti and Alessi. We’ll be adding more in the future.

Moka pot gasket size tables

Use these tables to compare gasket diameters to see if your moka pot can use a gasket designed for a different moka pot. They are very simple and should be interchangable if they’re the correct size.

Bialetti Moka Express gasket sizes

The Bialetti Moka Express models have unique gasket sizes for each size, except the 3-cup and 4-cup models, which use the same gasket.

Bialetti Moka Express gasket sizes
brandmodelcupsinner diameterouter diameteramazon link
BialettiExpress140 mm51 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiExpress241 mm57 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiExpress350 mm65 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiExpress450 mm65 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiExpress655 mm71 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiExpress963 mm81 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiExpress1274 mm90 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiExpress1874 mm92 mmBuy on Amazon

Bialetti Moka Musa, Venus, and Kitty gasket sizes

The Musa, Venus, and Kitty models have interchangeable gasket sizes. For example, the 4-cup Musa uses the same gasket as the 4-cup Venus.

Bialetti Musa gasket sizes
brandmodelcupsinner diameterouter diameteramazon link
BialettiMusa142 mm52 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiMusa242 mm52 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiMusa451 mm65 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiMusa656 mm72 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiMusa1069 mm85 mmBuy on Amazon
Bialetti Venus gasket sizes
brandmodelcupsinner diameterouter diameteramazon link
BialettiVenus242 mm52 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiVenus451 mm65 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiVenus656 mm72 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiVenus1069 mm85 mmBuy on Amazon
Bialetti Kitty gasket sizes
brandmodelcupsinner diameterouter diameteramazon link
BialettiKitty242 mm52 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiKitty451 mm65 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiKitty656 mm72 mmBuy on Amazon
BialettiKitty1069 mm85 mmBuy on Amazon

Alessi moka pot gasket sizes

Alessi moka pots typically use thicker gaskets than most other moka pot brands. We’re struggling to find data on some of these gasket sizes. If you have any information we’re missing please let us know.

Alessi Moka Pot Gasket Sizes
brandmodelcupsinner diameterouter diameteramazon link
AlessiMoka3?65mmBuy on Amazon
AlessiPulcina3?65mmBuy on Amazon
AlessiLa cupola1??Buy on Amazon
AlessiLa cupola3??Buy on Amazon
Alessi90901??Buy on Amazon
Alessi90903?60mmBuy on Amazon
Alessi90906?73mmBuy on Amazon
Alessi909010?85mmBuy on Amazon
AlessiOssidiana3?65mmBuy on Amazon
AlessiMoka Alessi1??Buy on Amazon
AlessiMoka Alessi3?65mmBuy on Amazon
AlessiMoka Alessi6?72mm

Grosche moka pot gasket sizes

Grosche moka pot gasket sizes
brandmodelcupsinner diameterouter diameteramazon link
GroscheMilano350mm65mmBuy on Amazon
GroscheMilano655mm73mmBuy on Amazon
GroscheMilano964mm82mmBuy on Amazon
GroscheMilano Steel655mm73mmBuy on Amazon
GroscheMilano Steel1068mm84mm