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Moka pot size guide

Find and identify the right size

A guide to choosing the right moka pot size, identifying your current moka pot, and finding compatible gaskets and parts.

Bialetti Moka Express size chart

Use this chart and table to differentiate between Bialetti Moka Express models by height, base width, and water volume.

A series of biatletti moka express moka pots
Bialetti Moka Express sizes
height13.5 cm14.5 cm16.0 cm18.0 cm21.5 cm25.0 cm29.5 cm32.0 cm
5.3 in5.7 in6.3 in7.1 in8.5 in9.8 in11.6 in12.6 in
base width7.0 cm8.0 cm9.0 cm9.5 cm11.0 cm11.5 cm13.5 cm13.5 cm
2.8 in3.1 in3.5 in3.7 in4.3 in4.5 in5.3 in5.3 in
volume60 ml90 ml130 ml185 ml250 ml410 ml595 ml800 ml
2 oz3 oz4.4 oz6.3 oz8.5 oz14 oz20 oz27 oz

Bialetti Venus, Musa, and Kitty size chart

Use this chart and table to differentiate between Bialetti Musa, Venus, and Kitty by height, diameter, and water volume.

Bialetti Musa, Venus, and Kitty moka pots lined up on a size chart
Bialetti Musa sizes
height12.0 cm14.5 cm18.0 cm20.0 cm24.0 cm
4.7 in5.7 in7.0 in7.9 in9.4 in
base width6.0 cm7.0 cm9.0 cm10.5 cm11.5 cm
2.4 in2.8 in3.5 in4.1 in4.5 in
volume40 ml75 ml150 ml225 ml430 ml
1.5 oz2.5 oz5 oz7.5 oz14.5 oz
Bialetti Venus sizes
height14.0 cm17.0 cm20.0 cm23.0 cm
5.5 in6.7 in7.9 in9.0 in
base width8.0 cm9.5 cm10.5 cm13.0 cm
3.1 in3.7 in4.1 in5.1 in
volume85 ml180 ml235 ml460 ml
3 oz6 oz8 oz15.5 oz
Bialetti Kitty sizes
height13.0 cm17.0 cm19.5 cm23.0 cm
5.1 in6.7 in7.7 in9.0 in
base width7.0 cm8.5 cm9.2 cm11.5 cm
2.7 in3.3 in3.6 in4.5 in
volume115 ml230 ml300 ml450 ml
4 oz8 oz10 oz15 oz

Bialetti Brikka, Induction, and others size chart

Bialetti make a lot of different moka pots. Exactly why they make so many is unclear. Here's some of the less popular models.

An assortment of bialetti moka pots and their sizes

Why moka pot size matters

Moka pots are simple to use and make quality coffee, but they can only make a fixed amount. You shouldn't overfill or underfill them, so choosing the right size ensures you get the amount of coffee you need.

How moka pot size is measured

Moka pots use the terms "cups" or "tazza" for sizing, but these aren't the same as standard recipe cup sizes or a typical cup of coffee. One moka pot cup equals approximately 60 ml or 2.1 fl. oz., similar to a double espresso.

What is a tazza?

In Italian, "tazza" means "cup" or "mug." When talking about moka pots, an Italian invention, "tazza" is used to describe one serving, about 60ml. The term is often abbreviated as "tz" or referred to as "tasses" in French.

Which size moka pot should you buy?

There are numerous moka pot brands, but we highly recommend Bialetti:

  • They invented the moka pot.
  • Their iconic moka pot design has hardly changed since 1933.
  • Their products last a very long time.
  • Their popularity and consitent design means replacement parts and information are easy to find.
  • Their moka pots produce great coffee.

Since Bialetti is our recommendation — and the most popular brand — we've concentrated our size guide on their products.

If you're looking for something really special — Alessi creates beatufiul moka pots. However, be prepared for a significantly higher cost and more difficulty in sourcing replacement parts.

What size moka pot for one person?

For one person, we recommend a 3-cup Moka Express. A cup is just 60 ml / 2.1 oz when it comes to moka pots, so this will allow you to brew one large mug of coffee. It's more versatile can be used to make two smaller cups if you have someone round.

For one person

Bialetti Moka Express – 3 cups

If you make a purchase through these affiliate links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Image: Honest Coffee Guide

If you like espresso-like coffee, the 1-cup moka pot is recommended, but you'll have to brew again for a more servings. For making two shots at once, opt for the 2-cup moka pot.

What size moka pot for two people?

For two people, we recommend the 6-cup Moka Express. The 3-cup and 4-cup versions yield only two small, espresso-like drinks. For larger mugs of coffee, the 6-cup size is more appropriate.

For two people

Bialetti Moka Induction – 6 cups

The induction version of the iconic Bialetti moka pot — compatible with the same replacement funnels, filters, and gaskets.

*If you make a purchase through these affiliate links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

The Bialetti Moka Induction 6 Cup
Image: Honest Coffee Guide

What size moka pot for a big group?

For a large group, the 9 cup, 12 cup, and 18 cup are the sizes you should consider.

  • The 9-cup provides three medium servings — which you can top up with a dash of milk.
  • The 12 cup is great for 4 to 5 servings.
  • The 18 cup one is huge and can serve for groups of over 5 people.

If you rarely need to serve large groups, a 6-cup moka pot or smaller is advised. Brewing in batches for infrequent large gatherings is better than compromising taste with a large pot for small servings, or wasting excess coffee.

If you regularly serve big groups we recommend the 12-cup.

The 18-cup moka pot is just a bit absurd — and it's harder to buy parts for.

How to tell what size moka pot you have?

Many moka pots look very similar except for their size. The easiest way to tell what size moka pot you have is to measure the volume of water you use to fill the lower chamber.

A diagram of a moka pot showing the water filled up to just below the gasket

Measuring the volume of water

To measure the volume of water in your moka pot:

  1. Fill the lower chamber up to the guide line.
  2. Empty the water into a measuring jug.
  3. Take note of how many millilitres (ml) the jug is filled to.
  4. Compare the number of millilitres with the moka pot size charts above.

Measuring the height or diameter

If you don't have access to a measuring jug then the height and diameter of moka pots can help you determine which one you have.

Moka pot gasket size guide

It is strangely difficult to find information on the correct gasket sizes for moka pots. So we created a resource to help you find the right size:

A moka pot gasket and filter on a grey background

Moka pot gasket size finder

Quickly and easily find the right sized gasket