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The Periodic Table of Coffee Drinks — Posters

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We've created two new posters! — The Periodic Table of Coffee Drinks, and a smaller Periodic Table of Espresso Drinks. We designed these posters to showcase the remarkable popularity and diversity of coffee drinks from around the world.

The Periodic Table of Coffee Drinks Posters

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So many coffee drinks...

12 illustrated coffee drinks, with differing coloured square background, on a grid of 4x3. Showing coffee based drinks (and some food), single espresso, mocaccino, Turkish coffee, freddo cappuccino, Irish coffee, Rhode Island coffee milk, café de olla, matcha latte, tiramisu, egg coffee, mazagran and dalgona coffee.

With 177 drinks (and a reduced 89 for the Espresso Periodic Table) these posters are the most extensive coffee drinks posters ever created! From Turkish coffee to the flat white, the iced latte to the espresso martini, these posters are a convenient guide for your kitchen wall, or wherever you make your coffee.

Colourful illustrations

A zoomed-in skewed perspective view of the poster

The posters are eye-catching, with vibrant categories and colourful layers depicting different ingredients. Each drink is categorised based on a defining attribute or ingredient, from espresso based drinks to iced coffees, from alcoholic blends to the oldest known coffee drinks.

How we chose the drinks
There are a lot of coffee drinks out there as you can imagine, but we set out a few rules about what would make it on the poster.

  • The drink must be available in multiple, non-chain establishments in at least one city/region.
  • No duplicate drinks with different names. Many drinks share the same origins and ingredients but vary only in name, so we chose whichever drink was introduced first.

We have allowed:

  • Non-coffee drinks often served alongside coffee like the matcha latte or the babyccino.
  • A small category dedicated to pseudo-coffees, which are drinks that have a large online presence but aren't actually drunk anywhere, and have completely made-up origin stories, like the Guillermo.

Meticulously researched

A zoomed-in view of the poster including the index at the bottom.

We spent a lot of time and effort to research each drink. Our goal was to create an informative and accurate poster that not only pays homage to the diverse origins of these drinks, but also to serve as a useful guide for coffee enthusiasts.

A section of the index, showing the Moroccan spiced coffee with its respective country of origin: Morocco, and ingredients: 100ml coffee, ground mastic, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, pepper, nutmeg and sesame.

Country of Origin
We provide additional information like country of origin, even encompassing specific cultural regions like the Basque Country in Spain or the Sapmi Region in Scandinavia.


All ingredient are listed in the index at the bottom of the poster, complete with precise measurements, and with colour coordinated dots that match the illustrations. Each recipe is based on original recipes and current methods around the beverages.

A smaller option

The smaller Periodic Table of Espresso Drinks in a frame on a white wall.

The reason we made two versions is because we understand that an A1 poster maybe too big for some people. So we designed a smaller, espresso based periodic table which is around half the size.

Both posters are eye-catching and full of interesting information — they're great additions to any wall, be that in a kitchen, living room, work space or even a café!

High quality printing and paper

A close-up photograph of the title and some drinks on the poster.

These Giclée posters are printed on 210 gsm, acid-free heavy-weight, white, premium smooth art paper. It has a natural uncoated finish with little reflectivity.

Giclée printing is a museum-quality level printing technique, using archival-quality ink. The resulting artworks have exceptional colour accuracy and detail compared to basic printing styles.

The Periodic Table of Coffee Drinks — Poster

A1 Large Giclée print

The Periodic Table of Espresso Drinks — Poster

45 x 60cm Smaller Giclée Print