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Generally speaking, you should always be measuring your coffee by weight. This calculator is for when you don't have access to scales.

Enter your required ounces, grams, or number of beans, and this calculator will do the rest.


~10.25 shots

82000 milligrams

1 cups

How much does a single coffee bean weigh?

On average a coffee bean weighs 132.5 milligrams.

Which is 0.1325 grams or 0.0046738 ounces.

We took 4 random packs of whole bean coffee and counted 100 beans from each one.

Then, we weighed each group of 100 beans and calculated the average.

Bean Bean Mean Weight ⚖
Rwandan Filter Coffee Beans 0.14 grams
Random Garbage Dark Roast 0.12 grams
Illy Arabica 0.12 grams
Another random dark roast 0.15 grams
Average of all four 0.1325 grams

How many grams of coffee are in a cup?

One cup filled with ground or whole bean coffee weighs roughly 82 grams.

Of course, if you're looking for an answer to how much grounds are in a brewed cup of coffee, that varies too much for a clear answer.

How many grams of coffee are in one tablespoon? 🥄

One table spoon is equal to half an ounce.

So using the calculator above, it looks like a tablespoon of ground coffee weighs 5.13 grams. That's about 39 beans.